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Pretty Lollie Collection LLC, all rights reserved


Our clients wanted to have a special play area for their two kids inside the living room. So we imagined this pentagon-base tipi, large enough so both kids could lay down and play with their favorite toys.

We thought this would allow them to have their own and private space to tell stories and share secrets like if they were in their playroom.


We added a couple windows and a large door to bring a lot of light in, just so they can feel more comfortable.

To make it even more fun (and real), we sewed plenty of ties to hang all kinds of accessories (not provided), so the kids can really personalize the interior as their wish.


We designed the tipi as a kit which can be put together or removed within minutes. This allows our clients to easily store it away when they need more space, or if their kids want to bring it to a friend's house for a cool sleepover.


Dimensions of model shown: Footprint: 16 sq.ft / 1.5 m2 - Total height: 6.5 ft / 2 m


Material: Fabric: Cotton - Poles: Oak

For more details or pricing information, please contact us.